Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UABMM2 Magnetic Shunts 3

I finished adding shunts to the Stator.  Using the smaller gauge sheet iron I was able to get a shunt between each magnet junction with much less filing.  The gap spaces all get filled up, and I can look at the Stator back lit and see that the gaps are filled.
The first thing I did was to go all the way around the Stator and ensure that all the screws were torqued.  Next I re-assembled the magnet motor to see if these modifications made any difference.  The Rotor did seem to require less effort to get it started.  There was a new phenomena which surprised me, it started making noise.  The shunts are secured on one side, where they are pinched between the magnets, the other side is floating between the magnets.  The magnets are canted (angled) and not parallel, so the space between them is a trapezoid shape, sort of.  Anyway, the loose end of the shunts jiggle back and forth, making a ticking sound.
 So the next step is probably to add shunts to the rotor.  Also need to quiet the ticking sound.  I am thinking about using a epoxy that is filled with fine Iron filings.  Whenever I am cutting Iron I save the filings for something like this.  I can use a fine grade sieve to sort out the fine filings, mix them with epoxy, and then use a syringe to inject the mixture into the gaps.  Getting the cross currents under control is the goal now.

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