Thursday, June 21, 2012

Denver Burrito

Think Denver Omelet, but in a Burrito Tortilla instead of French Folded Eggs.
I'm gonna start here with some diced Green Pepper, and Onions in a teaspoon of butter.
Let the Onions and Green Pepper cook for a few minutes.   Throw in some diced Tomatoes next.
Then add a couple Eggs.  Break the Yolks, but don't scramble them.  Then the Eggs are two toned.
A Denver Omelet has diced Ham usually, and I'm gonna use sliced Black Forest Ham here.
While the Eggs are cooking I'll get the Burrito Tortilla ready by giving a handful of
shredded Cheddar, and letting it warm in the microwave for thirty seconds.
Once the filling is cooked I'll season it with Sea Salt and Black Pepper.
Then put the filling in the Burrito Tortilla, and Roll, Burrito Style.
Just like your favorite Denver Omelet, but in a convenient, hand held form.
Got Chips and Casa Loco Salsa on the side.

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