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Alien Interview
New on 08/02/2011, Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy interviews an alien survivor of the 1947 Roswell crash  incident.  A lone survivor IS-BE (Immortal Spiritual Being) using a "doll" body communicates with Mrs. MacElroy to give us insight into the reality of Immortal Spiritual Beings, and how they are related to Earth, and War.  It is surprisingly detailed for an account of that time period, nearly 60 years ago, and contains information that could not have been know by the author at that time period.  Probably the best alien information I have seen to date...

The Thiaooouba Prophesy ,
A French man is abducted and taken for an enlightening journey to the Planet Thiaooouba.;sa=view;down=121

UFO contact from Planet Koldas ,
This is an account of visitors from the Planet Koldas.  These "aliens" are human in every conceivable aspect except they came from a planet called Koldas.  They look exactly like us, talk like us, walk like us, and you wouldn't know them from us if you passed them walking along the street.;sa=view;down=126

Planet Iarga ,
This is an account of a European man who was taken aboard a Iargan Ship and shown holographic records of life on Planet Iarga.  The Iargans seem to be Reptilian although the book never states this overtly.;sa=view;down=129

Etidorpha , or A Dweller on Two Planets ,
A 19th century man takes a remarkable journey into the Earth.;sa=view;down=128

Genesis for the New Space Age,
John B. Leith describes that our Space Program is not exactly what it seems.;sa=view;down=472

Ashtar Command ,
Information from the Ashtar Command compiled by Ben Arion;sa=view;down=165

Zeta Reticulans ,
Zeta Reticulans are the Grays;sa=view;down=123

My Contact with UFOs ,
Dino Kraspedon's experience with a man that lives on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.  This book is a very technical explanation of "alien" technology.  Recorded in the 50's and recently published this odd little book is heavy on technical details.  It communicates in a profound way...;sa=view;down=224

Dulce Book ,
The biggest war that you never heard about because it is classified as a secret.  The Dulce Book describes early interactions between the and aliens from Zeta Reticuli, and Sirius B.  What started as an innocent, docile treaty turned into a full blown war underneath the Four Corners area of the US.  There are two links, the book is split in half.;sa=view;down=114;sa=view;down=115

Wingmakers ,
Dr. Jameson Neruda describes the shady world of Extraterrestrial Diplomacy, and the edgy pitfalls that come with it.  But, he also discovers the hidden potential of humans, The Sovereign Integral.  Our legacy as it were, before the HMS (Human Mind System) programmed us to be slaves for the Annunaki.;sa=view;down=117;sa=view;down=118;sa=view;down=119;sa=view;down=120