Saturday, October 29, 2011

DiaMag8 Test Platform

OK, got the rotor reworked.  I had to remove all the magnets from the rotor, cleaned off all the old epoxy, and then glue it back together with a better epoxy.  Here is a better video also...

I was kinda disappointed with the ease in which I was able to break the magnets loose from the rotor, and then remove the epoxy from the magnets and the rotor base.  Basically I used my hands and fingernails to take the rotor apart.  I needed to do what I could to increase the adhesion of the epoxy to the rotor base and the magnets.  Here I have chucked up the rotor on the drill press, and am using a coarse rasp to rough up the rotor.
Then I needed to reassemble the jig that I used to assemble the rotor in the first place.  Its a couple of 2x4s clamped to the bench, and I used a couple of cable clamps to hold the ends of the shaft.  This holds the rotor stationary, and put some tension on it so I can apply the epoxy and affix the magnets.
 After I cleaned up the magnets I get them lined up on the fridge in order to help in the application process.  They line up NSNSNSNS, and if you get them out of order they will let you know because they will not want to sit next to each other if you get like poles next to each other.
I am going to use an industrial grade marine epoxy this time.  It has a higher viscosity, and hopefully will have better adhesion.
I'll apply the epoxy evenly around the outside diameter of the rotor base, and tried to make sure that it is evenly applied.  Then place the magnets on the rotor.  Because of the way they are arranged they will hold themselves in place with the adhesion of the epoxy, and also the attraction of the magnets.
This epoxy dries in 50 minutes, but requires 24 hours to be fully cured.  So, I want to make sure, this time, that the epoxy is fully cured before I spin the rotor.  So, after the cure time I spun up the rotor and had no problems.  Here is a closer shot of the second rotor assembly...

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