Thursday, October 13, 2011

DiaMag8 Test Platform

Building the pedestal for the test plate.  I mitered some square pine stock for a frame.  Then glued and  screwed the pedestal base together.  Cleaned up the groovy brackets, and glued them together.  Then test fit the motor/alternator plate.  Looks good so far...
Once the pedestal is finished I mount the groovy brackets on it.  The brackets are secured with screws so they can be removed, the individual parts are glued and screwed.
Here we are test fitting the motor/alternator plate.
Now we need to make plate mounting holes, and then tap the holes for #10/32 machine screws.
Last we needed to widen the pilot holes for the electric controls, and then mount the electric controls on the motor/alternator plate.  The next step is to install the batteries and the power regulator board.

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