Thursday, May 25, 2017

Faux Pho

So, what do you do when you are craving Pho, but just don't have the time to goto a Noodle House, sit down, and get an authentic bowl of Pho?  You make Faux Pho...  I've become skilled, and efficient at making super fast work lunches.  This is 15 minute Pho.  It helps to have all the accompaniments prepared before work, like the Oak Smoked Beefz, sliced really thin.  You'll need a container of appropriate vegetation as well, like sliced Onions, Jalapenos, and some Bean Sprouts.  Don't forget the travel size Fish Sauce.  I forgot the Sriracha, but had some Cajun Tex smoked Salsa, and that'll work...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Garlic Beef Tacoz

I picked up a few heads of Purple Garlic on Saturday at Rosemeade Market.  Garlic Beef seemed to fit my mood, but wasn't feeling like spending all the time to do Stir Fry, and all the prep work that requires.  So my usual fall back is Tacos, and I had some leftover Chuck Roast which makes it fairly easy.  The green part of the Taco is Cabbage, Jalapeno, and Vidalia Onion wilted with salt.  The Beef is warmed up with some Butter, and Garlic in a Stir Fry pan.  My kind of Fast Food...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 Garden

This year we have trimmed the trees back considerably.  The Oak Tree is around 50 feet tall, and it was usurping the light from the garden.  We also have a couple Crepe Myrtles that were around 30 feet tall, and we trimmed those back to around 12 feet.  This cleared up the light pathways in the mid-day, and afternoon so that the garden is getting light for most of the day now.  I can really tell a difference in the garden's plant growth.  I'm actually getting Tomatoes now, which is great.  Last year I think the Tomato plants only produced one Tomato.
I've planted three varieties of Tomato which are Tomato Tycoon, Beefsteak, and a Heirloom Pineapple Tomato.  I already have some little green Tomatoes.
I also plated Chiles, as usual.  This little Jalapeno already has a couple Chiles on it.  In addition I got some really hot Chiles this year.  One called Caribbean Red Hots, like a Red Savina Habanero, and Carolina Reapers, which are currently the world's hottest.
 I bought some sprouted Cucumbers this year, on a whim, just to try a different variety.  This one is called Burpee Burpless Cucumber.
Then there are a number of plants I planted as seed.  Above are Oriental Greens.
Also planted Beets, French Radishes, Globe Radishes, Kaleidoscope Carrots, Winged Beans, and Vietnamese Squash..

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Texas Cheezesteak

I had one of those (other city) Cheesesteaks this week.  Yeah, it was good, better than most of the take out I've had around here.  Then I thought I need to give this a try.  So here is another culinary perversion...  Texas Cheezesteak...
I'm generally familiar with the Cheesesteak process.  Sauteed Onion, griddled, thinly sliced steak, cheese, and an Italian long roll.  Well, this is Texas, and the local, mass produced bread is the Bolillo, a Mexican bread used for making Tortas, a Mexican Sandwich.  I know, you're thinking thatz all wrong, but the two breads are nearly indistinguishable.  I start by sauteing Jalapenos, and Onions in a Stir Fry Pan...
Onions sauteed in butter will get caramelized, and sweet.  The Jalapeno fit well in there, they will also get sweet when sauteed.  While those caramelize I'll turn my attention to the Chuck Roast I half cooked earlier.  I put it on the Baby Q to get a little chargrilled flavor, then in a fast oven to cook the roast trough most of the way.  I want the final doneness achieved on the griddle in a pool of butter.  I've sliced the roast into pieces, and then thin sliced it against the grain for maximum tenderness.
Put a half tablespoon of butter on the griddle, and then the Beefz.  I'll add some Garlic powder, and Salt while the Beefz are getting happy.  This process is moving really quick now.  The Bolillo Roll is in a slow oven warming, the Jalapenos, and Onions are almost done, and now adding Cheeze to the Beefz on the griddle.
Cover the Beefz, and Cheeze on the griddle with a dome to hasten the meltification, then assemble the Texas Cheezesteak.  Take the warm Bolillo Roll, and split it down the middle.  I'm adding a little Jalapeno Mustard (Eagles fan starts screaming, and gets ejected)...  This is Texas, and we gotta haz the Jalapeno Mustard.  Then the Cheezesteak goes into the Bolillo, and the Sauteed Jalapenos, and Onions on top.  Gotta say, best Cheezesteak Evar!

Steak and Waffles

Impromptu food seems to be my thing lately.  The thing is I already had breakfast, and its more around lunch time, but hungry, and just went to the grocery store.  I've got a plan for a Chuck Roast later, and need to have the Roast about half way cooked.  So I put the Roast on the Baby Q for 10 minutes per side, and then in a fast oven for another 10 minutes.  It is still rare on the inside when I went to assemble the Steak and Waffles.  Sweet, Savory... Nomlishous...