Sunday, May 14, 2017

Texas Cheezesteak

I had one of those (other city) Cheesesteaks this week.  Yeah, it was good, better than most of the take out I've had around here.  Then I thought I need to give this a try.  So here is another culinary perversion...  Texas Cheezesteak...
I'm generally familiar with the Cheesesteak process.  Sauteed Onion, griddled, thinly sliced steak, cheese, and an Italian long roll.  Well, this is Texas, and the local, mass produced bread is the Bolillo, a Mexican bread used for making Tortas, a Mexican Sandwich.  I know, you're thinking thatz all wrong, but the two breads are nearly indistinguishable.  I start by sauteing Jalapenos, and Onions in a Stir Fry Pan...
Onions sauteed in butter will get caramelized, and sweet.  The Jalapeno fit well in there, they will also get sweet when sauteed.  While those caramelize I'll turn my attention to the Chuck Roast I half cooked earlier.  I put it on the Baby Q to get a little chargrilled flavor, then in a fast oven to cook the roast trough most of the way.  I want the final doneness achieved on the griddle in a pool of butter.  I've sliced the roast into pieces, and then thin sliced it against the grain for maximum tenderness.
Put a half tablespoon of butter on the griddle, and then the Beefz.  I'll add some Garlic powder, and Salt while the Beefz are getting happy.  This process is moving really quick now.  The Bolillo Roll is in a slow oven warming, the Jalapenos, and Onions are almost done, and now adding Cheeze to the Beefz on the griddle.
Cover the Beefz, and Cheeze on the griddle with a dome to hasten the meltification, then assemble the Texas Cheezesteak.  Take the warm Bolillo Roll, and split it down the middle.  I'm adding a little Jalapeno Mustard (Eagles fan starts screaming, and gets ejected)...  This is Texas, and we gotta haz the Jalapeno Mustard.  Then the Cheezesteak goes into the Bolillo, and the Sauteed Jalapenos, and Onions on top.  Gotta say, best Cheezesteak Evar!

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