Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 Garden

This year we have trimmed the trees back considerably.  The Oak Tree is around 50 feet tall, and it was usurping the light from the garden.  We also have a couple Crepe Myrtles that were around 30 feet tall, and we trimmed those back to around 12 feet.  This cleared up the light pathways in the mid-day, and afternoon so that the garden is getting light for most of the day now.  I can really tell a difference in the garden's plant growth.  I'm actually getting Tomatoes now, which is great.  Last year I think the Tomato plants only produced one Tomato.
I've planted three varieties of Tomato which are Tomato Tycoon, Beefsteak, and a Heirloom Pineapple Tomato.  I already have some little green Tomatoes.
I also plated Chiles, as usual.  This little Jalapeno already has a couple Chiles on it.  In addition I got some really hot Chiles this year.  One called Caribbean Red Hots, like a Red Savina Habanero, and Carolina Reapers, which are currently the world's hottest.
 I bought some sprouted Cucumbers this year, on a whim, just to try a different variety.  This one is called Burpee Burpless Cucumber.
Then there are a number of plants I planted as seed.  Above are Oriental Greens.
Also planted Beets, French Radishes, Globe Radishes, Kaleidoscope Carrots, Winged Beans, and Vietnamese Squash..

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