Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Super Pro Grill

This is my fist smoker, that I bought in 1997.  I has cooked many Thanksgiving Turkeys, Briskets, Porx Butts, and Chicken Thighs over the years.  I retired it when I got my Duo in 2008, and its been sitting on the side since then.  I had ordered the parts, about 6 years ago, to rebuild the Super Pro Grill, but just hadn't done it.
Well, now the Duo is started coming apart.  The Gas side was the first to rust out.  The air control valve rusted out.  The smoker section isn't nearly as big as the Super Pro Grill, so I decided to resurrect the Super Pro Grill.
As it is now, it's in terrible shape.  I did replace the bottom of the smoker section about eight years ago.  I had also replaced the ash pan, and the air control valve.  The grates are rusted to pieces.  The ash pan is used and rusted, but I have another one so I'll replace it.  I've been using bricks to hold the ash pan rather than the hangars that came with the grill.
The Side Fire Box is completely rusted out.  Its gotta be trashed.  I am thinking that eventually I will transfer the Side Fire Box from the Duo to the Super Pro Grill, which would convert it to a Smokin' ProDuo, Super Pro Grill and Smokin' Pro are all produced by Chargriller, who manufacture these Grills and Smokers.
So, first we'll strip off all the rusted pieces and clean out the smoker body thoroughly.  I use a paint scraper and a steel wire brush to scrape off all the accumulated crud.  The smoker body is in good shape, there is some surface rust, but the bottom is solid, which means its usable.
I had ordered a kit from Chargriller to replace the shelves, handles, and the ash pan.  The air control valve was rusty, but it was mainly solid, so I decided to use it, rather than make a new one.  It was probably replaced when I replaced the bottom half for the smoker section.  Harley loves to help work on the Grill...
This is an early Super Pro Grill, and if you were to go buy one today they are a little different.  The shelf brackets are a little wonky, and the bottom of the straight legs are rusting out, so its not quite level.
That new ash pan makes it almost look new again.  I'm starting to get hungry now.
I've got some Chicken thighs that I can put in there in a while.
There, done, lets get the fire going...
I'm using the grates from the Duo, and eventually I'll transfer the Side Fire Box to the Super Pro Grill.
After the charcoal turns white I'll add a piece of Hickory, and we're ready to cook...
Seems like Olde Times with my Super Pro...
Looks like its working good...

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