Monday, July 23, 2012

UABMM2 Unfurled

I often do things the wrong way, before I figure out the right way.  Lessons-n-stuff...

When playing with the UABMM2, after installing the shunts, I thought "Why so Repulsive"?  Its a push, literally, directly opposing forces balance, as if the rotors magnet's are furled.  Why not try to swing them around the other way, and use the attractive forces as well as the repulsive forces.  I'm happy with the stator at this point, which is the race, or track that the rotor rides in.  So, looking to quickly test my theory I fabricated a test rotor out of plywood.
This is where the drill press broke, and I had to go run all over town to find a new belt.  Once I got back to work I made a 6 3/16 inch circle of 3/8 inch plywood.  I'm using a similar setup on the machine table that I used to make the Aluminum rotor, except that I am going to cut the cants with a saw.
I am only going to put 4 magnets on this one, at ninety degree increments.  Then also the cant will be ninety degrees, or perpendicular to the stator magnets.  This way one side of the magnet is attracted to the stator and the other side of the rotor magnet is repelled from the stator.
Once I got to cutting this only took a couple of hours.  After playing with the finished rotor I can see that I need to make an Aluminum rotor to try this full scale, 36 rotor magnets.  The plywood is too fragile to be a rotating assembly, and I had trouble getting 4 magnets to stay on.
When the rotor is spun it seems to be propelled a little, until the inertia, and the cross fields stop it.  This is why I need to fully populate the rotor to get the help of the uniform asynchronous idea, so not all the magnets are crossing the cross field points simultaneously.  Some are pushing, some are pulling, and some are on the cross points.  So now I need to go and find another piece of Aluminum.

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