Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UABMM2 Unfurled 2

We I wasn't able to find a suitable piece of Aluminum laying around, but I did find a piece of Polyethylene.  The Polyethylene is structurally more stable than plywood, but also considerably softer than Aluminum.  I figured the Polyethylene would be suitable for a test rotor, to see if this unfurled idea works, then I replicate it in Aluminum.
I'll mark up the part using drafting tools by finding the center first, then draw a couple circles for the outer limit of the rotor, and the inner limit of the slots.  There will be 36 magnets on this rotor, so we'll use the compass to make ten degree increments around the periphery.  Then last thing to do before it goes on the Mini Mill is to make a half inch tooling hole directly in the center of the plate.
To hold the plate to the table I am using a T Nut, and a screw that has been modified to be jammed into the table to make the pivot point.  Then to hold it down I'll use a half inch Machine Washer, a Flange Nut, and a Lock Nut.  Line up the Pivot Point, the Mill, and the Drill Press Support Shaft to keep everything square.
The we'll do vertical cuts every couple of degrees around the periphery to cut the outer limit of the rotor, which is six and three eights inches in diameter.  Next we'll add some table clamps and cut the slots to hold the magnets.  The magnets are a quarter inch wide, so I am going to press fit the magnets in quarter inch slots.

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