Friday, January 27, 2012

Sfincione Arribiata

Spicy Sicilian Pizza, the Sfincione Arribiata has bold spices, making it angry.  This pizza is made with the same Doh that I use for the Thin Crust Pizza, although it is prepared in a different way.  This one pizza has 8 ounces of Doh, and is rolled to fit an 8 inch pan.  Then it is generously oiled with Olive Oil.  It will proof in the proofing box for a couple of hours before we sauce it.
Proofing allows the pizza to rise, and get thick.  Sfincione is Sicilian Pizza, you may have seen the thick crust, usually cut into squares, in the by the slice pizza places.  Sfincione is prepared differently than regular pizza.  First we'll sauce the pie, and add spices, the Arribiata part.  Then bake the Sfincione for 7 minutes at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will set the crust and the sauce, then later we add the toppings and do the finish bake.
A traditional Sfincione will have Herbs, and Fish on it.  Mine, well I'm feeling kinda plain tonight, so I'll go with the Three Cheese, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Romano.  Believe me, there is plenty of taste in this pie, I added Garlic, Oregano, and Red Chile, the Arribiata, so you're not going to miss the toppings.
Typically Sfincione is made in mass quantities, usually on large sheet pans, then cut into square pieces, and and finish baked per slice to order.  Its a vendor food, which is not bad, but I personally don't need a whole sheet pan of pizza.  So, I have scaled it down into an individual portion.  I make two and a half pounds of Doh in a batch which could be a whole Sfincione, but I portion it down for individual pies.  A thin crust pie is about 5 ounces of Doh, and the Sfincione here is about 8 ounces of Doh.

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