Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shotty Mods

Adding a side saddle Shell Holder to a Mossberg Shotgun.  The Shell Holder mounts on the left side of the Shotgun, on the other side of the Breach.  But there is a problem.  The Pump Handle interferes with the Shell Holder.  So we are modifying the Pump Handle to clear the Shell Holder.
Before I actually looked at the Shotgun I though the Pump Handle would be a Hard Phenolic Plastic, but it wasn't.  It is a relatively soft ABS Plastic.  Pretty easy to cut.  So we marked the material we wanted to remove.  We isolated the Pump Handle from the rest of the assembly.  Then softly chucked it up in the Vise using wood blocks and shop rags to protect the finish on the Pump Handle.
Here you can see the removed piece in its approximate location relative to the new Shell Holder.  There is about an inch and a quarter of overlap there.  Now we'll start reassembling.
Here we have the Shell Holder Plate positioned.
The Shell Holder Kit comes with all the hardware to do this easily.
Here the Shell Holder Plate is secured.
Next we'll attach the plastic Shell Holder.
And, finish putting the rest of the Shotgun back together.
The Laser Sight is pretty awesome.

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