Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hash and Eggs

You know those shredded hash browns, like at the Loco Diner?  Doing that at home isn't too difficult.  Just take a potato and shred it with a grater.  The trick is to drain off all the juice left over.  You can press the shredded potatoes into a strainer, or use paper towels and squeeze the water out.  The trick is to have the shredded potatoes as dry as possible when they hit the pan.
I use a non-stick skillet, and a little vegetable oil to fry the hash browns.  I'll push them into a patty shape, and let them alone to brown for like 10 minutes.  Then do that pan flip thing to turn them over.  If you poke at them with a spatula they are going to break up.  It needs the pan flip thing...
Once they are nicely browned on both sides fry a few eggs for the top.  Then we'll need some Cayenne Chile sauce to make it perfect.  Then we are ready to get busy for the day...

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