Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brussels Sprouts Salad

The most curious cruciferous vegetable is undoubtedly is the Brussels Sprouts.  While I like them all, I think the Brussels Sprouts is my favorite, maybe.  They are all good really.  So we're making a salad here not a hot dish like Brussels Sprouts Scampi.  We are also not making Brussels Sprouts Hot and Sour Soup.  Just a salad.
So we'll start with a bed of Iceberg Lettuce, and Cilantro, about half and half.
Then add a ring of thinly sliced cucumbers.
While you wern't lookin' I steamed the Brussels Sprouts for 8 minutes in a vegetable steamer.  Its important to cook the Brussels Sprouts, then cool them, and then slice them.
Don't want to get steam burns on our fingertips...
We'll add some bias sliced Scallions for a little sharpness.
Both the Brussels Sprouts and the Scallions go into a separate bowl to be seasoned.  I'm using Olive Oil, Garlic Salt and Black Pepper to season the Brussels Sprouts.  Mix the Brussels Sprouts mixture well, then dump it into the middle of the salad.
I'll add half a Lemon for a little acid.
Then there is the Yogurt Ranch dressing.  The Brussels Sprouts are cooked to where they still have a little crunch, and not over cooked.  This could be done with Asian flair as well.  Substitute Toasted Sesame Oil for the Olive Oil, and replace the Lemon with Rice Wine Vinegar.

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