Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funny Little Tacos

Kokopelli liek Meso-American Food...

These are soft tacos even though they are made with corn tortillas.  I'm making a fairly standard Beef and Cheese Taco, except that the Maize Tortilla shell is soft, and not crispy.  The Maize flavor belongs to the Taco.
Here I've got 4 Maize (Corn) Tortillas on a sheet pan.  They are straight out of the package.  No preliminary cooking.  I will coat the Tortillas with an Olive Oil Spray so the moisture from the Taco meat won't soak through the Taco.  Then also there is a pound of lean ground Beef, browned.  I'll add one of those Taco mix packets and some water, then let the Taco meat simmer on about 20 power to hydrate the spices and cook off the water.
While the Taco meat is cooking I'll shred some Iceberg Lettuce, and chop some Cilantro.  I put copious amounts of Cilantro in Tacos.  The flavor fits perfectly, and its also kind of good for you.
First we'll add the Taco meat, and then some shredded Cheddar, and off to the meltification machine.
About 5 minutes later the cheeze is happy, which makes the Funny Little Tacos happy.
Then we'll add the Lettuce and Cilantro.
Then we'll add some diced Tomatoes.  These are all the same ingredients as a regular Tex-Mex Tacos, except that we are using soft Maize Tortillas, and not a crispy Taco Shell.
I'll take each Taco and fold it in half, and move it to the plate.  Any extra greens and Tomatoes and make a little salad next to the Tacos.  There is the Pico de Gallo on the side, and the Yogurt Ranch dressing.

Speaking of heat, I usually use Cayenne Chile Sauce on my Tacos, but I have a growing stock of super hot sauces that will be getting much larger this coming weekend.  Why?  Zest Fest of course.  Zest Fest is this coming weekend, January 27th through the 29th.  Here is a link to the site...

Can you eat the Heat?
See you at the Atomic Wing Eating Contest...

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