Monday, October 31, 2011

Impromptu Soup

Hungry, need soup...

Lets just wing it here, soup on the fly.  This is what I do when I am scavenging the leftovers, and don't really feel like thinking, or making any sort of formal meal.  You might call it leftovers in a bowl, or maybe stone soup.  So, we'll start with a typical soup base.  Slice some onions and garlic, and throw the onions in the stir fry pan to saute with a pat of Butter and some Olive Oil
Gotta add some heat, so I'll chop a dry red Cayenne Chile and throw it into the stir fry pan.
  My herb du jour is Rosemary, so I'll fleece a sprig, chop it, and toss it into the stir fry pan as well.  I'll also add the Garlic at this point because you don't want the Garlic to fry too much, or it will get bitter.
This morning I had made the Pan Roasted Chicken, and there are some potatoes leftover from that project, so I'll toss some of those in as well.  This is exactly why I prep cook on the weekends, all the ingredients are fully cooked, and all I have to do is combine, and reheat them,
This is soup so I'll add two cups of the Chicken stock that I made with the Pan Roasted Chicken.  Then stir to loosen anything that stuck to the pan, and get everything coated with the Chicken stock.
While that is coming up to a boil, I'll go and get a leftover Chicken breast and cube up about a cup of Chicken chunks.  Then add that to the Impromptu Soup.  So, what do we have here so far?  Chicken Potato Soup?
I think I want some Rice in there as well, for nutritional diversity.  Chicken and Rice Soup is something I make a lot.  So I'll steam a cup over leftover Rice in the microwave, and dump it in the middle of the serving bowl.
After the Soup returns to a boil, I'll pour it over the Rice in the serving bowl.  In the meantime there I griddled a slice of Pane Toscano bread, which is an Artisan Bread from the La Brea Bakery.
So, altogether it took about 15 minutes to bring together a custom bowl of Impromptu Soup, that is way better than anything you could get out of a can.  Just what I needed after a lazy Sunday watching football...

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