Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UABMM2 Magnetic Shunts 2

Some of my hole spacing was irregular, so I have had to opt for some thinner sheet Iron to be the Shunt.  The sheet Iron I started with is about 30 mils thick.  Even though I was lowering the Cants, some of the spacing clearances were smaller than the 30 mil sheet Iron.  I had to use some thinner sheet Iron in some places, and double up some of the sheet Iron in other places. So, I made a set of the 20 mil Shunts...
Then it was much easier to add a Shunt between each magnet.  I have a third of the Stator done so far.  Having a variety of thicknesses helped a lot in doing this.  I'm sure I could buy a few different thicknesses of a similar Iron sheet, but really would rather use the materials I already have.
Being able to salvage the resources already available to you is an invaluable skill.  Recycle, Reuse everything possible.  I build furniture out of trashed fence wood to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

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