Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fennel Flowers

I have this monstrous Fennel plant that I have let go to seed on purpose to get Fennel seeds.  Fennel seeds are the Licorice flavored seeds that you will find in Italian Sausage, and other Italian dishes.
I am impressed at the size of this plant.  Its huge, and the number of flowers on this one plant is impressive.  Compared to a Fennel plant you would buy at a grocery store its maybe ten times bigger.
The whole plant has an Anise fragrance, and every time I brush up against it I can smell the Anise fragrance that reminds me of Italian Sausage Pizza...

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  1. There's one of these fennel plants growing wild along the beach trail here. I pick some every few days for my cockatiel. He loves it!! I think he gets high on it!! LOL!!