Thursday, June 21, 2012

Peach Trees

When I find great Peaches I save the seeds.  These are not just any Peaches, these are the ones that are over the top great.  I had got some California Peaches at Rosemeade Market last week which I thought were that good, and added them to my collection of great Peach seeds.  Now I had 10, accumulated over a couple years.  Some are freestone, some clingstone, in both regular Peach color, and White Peaches.  I decided that it was time to plant them.
So I managed to scrounge up ten pots, and filled them with my Compost Soil Mix.  Then planted my Awesome Peach seed collection.  I have them in a shady spot to sprout, and close to the Organic Bed so I can water them easy.  The tree they are under I also started from a seed.
It is a native Live Oak Tree.  There was an Live Oak Tree at a place where I worked, and I picked up some Acorns one day.  I planted a few of them in small pots, much like the Peach Trees, and within a couple years I was able to plant one in the ground.  Now its probably around 8 years old, and is probably about 15 feet tall.

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