Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jackson's Garden

My neighbor got my attention the other day when I was mowing the lawn, and showed me her son's new garden.  So I went to take a look.  He was having problems with his Dog getting into the garden, and they also mentioned Rabbits.  Knowing how to grow food is one of the most essential skills to have.  It is something that people take for granted because we can just go to a store for food.  I have found that homegrown vegetables are always better than what I find in store.
I had some spare Rabbit wire and stakes, and we fashioned a quick Rabbit Fence around the young garden.  We also added a compost bin, and I showed him what waste materials from the yard can be used to make compost, which is what I use for fertilizer in my gardens.
I need to get some more pictures as the garden matures to see the process.  Everything is small sprouts now, and we can barely see what is there, but he's got Beans, Cucumbers, Cilantro, Onions, and Chives.  I'll also get a more complete list from Jackson.

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  1. This is cool Mike!!! Jackson like this. It has grown alot since the rains...crops soon :)