Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grains of the Gods II

I need to make a retraction.  I posted and article called Grains of the Gods where I elucidated the benefits of Quinoa, and Amaranth.  The information is valid, but the plant that I had selected to photograph was not Quinoa, Doh!  I had mistaken Burdock for Quinoa, and they are not the same.  Burdock does have medicinal value, and is a useful plant, but it isn't the topic of the elucidation.  These are Quinoa plants.
What I did to figure this out was to buy some Quinoa grain, and plant it in my garden.  I had planted some last Fall, but the plants didn't have enough time to mature before we had the first freeze.  This year I planted some in the Spring, but now its Summer, and I think the plants are suffering because they are not acclimated to the Texas heat.  The new growth is a Lavender color, and they are flowering, but they don't seem to be doing as well as I thought they should be.  I think that Quinoa is usually grown in mountainous regions, and are not suited for being grown on the Texas prairie...

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