Thursday, June 21, 2012

Casa Loco Salsa

Translated from Spanish means Crazy House Sauce.  Yeah, my Salsa has The Fire!  I'm waiting for my Tomatoes to ripen, and craving Salsa.  My second choice for Tomatoes is canned whole Tomatoes.  Wut?  A Can?  Yeah, we're making sauce here, and the Tomatoes will get pureed into the Tomato base of the Salsa.  I'm going to start with five dehydrated Cayenne Chiles, Sea Salt, and the juice from half a Lemon.  Then everybody in the food processor to go for a spin.
Then after the Tomato base is done I'm going to add the diced ingredients, which are three Jalapenos (fresh from the Organic Bed), a couple tablespoons of diced Onions, and some Chopped Cilantro.
Then we'll mix everything together and let the flavors meld together for a few hours.
This is the Salsa I make most often.  There are only a couple times per year I have fresh Tomatoes out of my own garden, and usually make Pico de Gallo with them.  Although when I have had large quantities of home grown Tomatoes I have made Salsa with them.  I have a variation of this Salsa which I use as Taco Sauce which has Cumin and Garlic powder in it, and it has more of a Southwestern flavor.

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