Sunday, May 6, 2012

UABMM2 Test Fit

Finally got some time to work on the UABMM2 this weekend.  Last thing I was doing was making a new mounting system for the rotor and its axle.  I finished cutting out the Bearing mounting plates, and got those cleaned up...
Then I wanted to test fit all the pieces together, and make sure they are aligned.  First thing to to assemble the rotor and the shaft.  Its held together with electrical tape now.  I need to make a groove for the shaft key in the shaft to holds the shaft key which locks the split shaft coupling.  Then there are a couple grade 8 bolts that attach the rotor to the split shaft coupling.  Right now they are test fitted together.
One of the next steps in the process is to make the groove in the shaft which holds the shaft key which locks the split shaft coupling to the shaft.  So now I need to setup the Mini Mill to make a 0.125 inch groove in a mild steel shaft.  I chose to start with mild steel, grade 2, for the initial build.
 This is just a test fit for alignment.There are no bearings, and the shaft holes are the 0.500 inch tooling holes, which will become the bearing mounting holes.  Then also notice that there is a lot of vertical space between the bearing mounting plates, and the UABMM2.  First, this is test fit.  Second eventually there will be an Alternator in there as well.  Right now I want to play with the Magnet Motor part first, then if I can get that part working, I will build an Alternator which will fill up the extra space.
The 0.500 inch rods that hold everything together are six inches long.  That variable can change if I need to add space for a brake, or more motor plates, or different options not yet thought out.

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