Monday, May 14, 2012

Vitalizer Repair

I love my Water Vitalizer.  The water from this machine gives me energy that is unparalleled by anything.  There are several books out there about Vitalized (Hexagonal) Water, Hexagonal Water: The Ultimate Solution by M.J. Pangman, The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key by Mu Shik John, and Miracle Molecular Structure of Water: Human Body Loves Hexagonal Water by Yang H. Oh.
I have had this machine for almost five years.  In that span of time I have had to service it three times.  The first time I sent it in to the factory under the factory warranty.  All three time it has had the same symptoms.  The motor would become intermittent, and then quit working.  Well, the second time it failed the warranty was expired.  So I figured I would give repairing it a shot.  First unplug the unit.  There are two screws per foot, extract those and remove the feet.  Then there are three screws that hold the base together, extract those, and then carefully split the two halves of the base and you should see something like this.
In the above shot I have also unplugged the motor, removed the four screws that hold it to the base, and pulled the motor out of the base.  There are some very strong magnets in the rotor, so you can use them to hold the motor on a magnetic surface, like my vise here.
There are strong electrical and magnetic forces at work inside the motor, and these forces cause the motor to vibrate.  This puts stress on the wires that are connecting the motor to the circuit board.About a year ago the red wire came loose, first causing intermittent behavior, and then motor failure (wouldn't spin).  The whole of the problem is the stress on the wire which causes them to eventually break.
So, first we need to clean up the terminal on the motor, and expose the solder eyelet.  Then we'll trim the wire and strip it about a quarter inch.  Feed the exposed part of the wire through the eyelet, and finally solder the wire in place again to make this connection strong again.
Then it is just a matter of reassembling the base.  We put the motor back in its mount, being careful not to pinch the wires in the mount.  Next insert the four motor base screws and turn them in until they are seated, no need to apply a lot of torque here, these are plastic parts and they can be damaged by excessive torque.  Then we'll put the base back together, aligning the screw holes, and being careful not to pinch wires.  Insert the three case screws and seat them.  Finally adding the feet and their two screws.  The result is the motor runs smooth again, and I can make more Vitalized Water...

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  1. A true Engineer! Many times it is a simple fix and you are rewarded. I found out the minerals which they use in the mineral cube and am thinking to buy the minerals and just replace the minerals rather than pay $85.00 every 6 months. I will let you know. I love the Water Vitalizer!