Monday, May 14, 2012

Porx and Green Chile Breakfast Burrito

Pork and Green Chile get paired together in a lot of foods.  I refer to my Hickory Smoked Pork as Porx to differentiate it from any sort of regular Pork.  So, I smoked a Porx Butt a couple of days ago, and have a few pounds of leftovers.  This is one of my favorite uses for leftover Porx.
I'll takes some diced slices of the Porx Butt, and a large, diced Jalapeno and warm them up in a pan with some butter.  The Porx has been refrigerated, so we need to heat it, and then cook the Jalapeno a little bit.
I like to use Jumbo Chicken eggs, so two is probably enough for a Breakfast Burrito.
Then we'll get the Burrito Tortilla prepared on a microwave safe plate, and generously apply some shredded, mild Cheddar Cheeze.  I'll microwave the Burrito Tortilla enough to melt the Cheeze.
Once the filling is cooked I'll chop and mix the filling in preparation for filling the Burrito.
Both parts of the Burrito come together hot so there is no need to cook the completed Burrito.
Then we'll fold it like a Burrito, roll one side of the Tortilla over the filling, fold in the sides, and roll.
I have sides of Frejoles del Fuego, Brown Rice, and Rosemeade Hot Salsa.  Definitely not a light breakfast.

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