Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jalapeno Bacon Mac-n-Cheeze

Bacon makes everything better.  Toss in some Chiles and its Heaven.  I was thinking noodle Bowl, but wanted something more like comfort food.  So Mac-n-Cheeze it is.  First we'll start with the Bacon.  I fried up a pound of thick cut, hickory smoked bacon.
I'm going to use the bacon grease for the oil in the Roux for the Jalapeno Mornay sauce.
I diced one Jalapeno and a thick slice of white Onion.
I'll fry the Jalapenos and Onion in a tablespoon of bacon fat for a few minutes.
Then add a tablespoon of flour to form a Roux, well really a Jalapeno Roux.
Add a cup of heated milk slowly, while whisking to make a Bechemel sauce.
Also added Sea Salt, Black Pepper, and Red Chile flakes here.
Finally, adding a cup of shredded Cheddar turns the Bechemel sauce into a Mornay sauce.
Add the noodles, and crumbled Bacon last.  In this case I used wide Egg Noodles, but any pasta will work.
Garnish with some more crumbled Bacon on top.
Mmmm, Nomlishious Bacon....

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  1. I am sure it tastes even better than it looks! I read that the organic plants have something that prevents cancer but the Genetically Modified plants do not. They are trying to set up a seed monopoly so they can then raise prices and further weaken peoples immune system to keep them dumbed down. Companies like Monsanto (said Agent Orange was OK, PCB's no problem etc) are buying out all health food stores and organic foods.