Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UABMM2 New Mount Test

Now I have the Rotor repopulated with its magnets.  Now I am re-assembling the UABMM2 for the first test with the new mount.  There are some caveats with the new shaft assembly.  The tremendous forces generated by the opposed magnets are causing the split taper bushing to slide around on the shaft.  Also needed some half inch shaft collars and couldn't get them, so I made a couple.
I am impressed with the split taper shaft's ability to hold the Rotor square, but my first shaft key installation is slipping a bit.  I noticed that when I was trying to position the Stator the Rotor would slip into a different position.  After playing with it a while I was able to find a sticky spot, and positioned the Stator there.
I needed some half inch shaft collars to set the limits of the shaft in relation to the bearings.  Couldn't find them at the hardware store, so I decided to make some.  I took some half inch nuts, and drilled out the threads to 0.500 inches.  Then drilled a 0.159 inch hole through the center of one of the nut facets.  I ran a 10-32 tap through the 0.159 hole, and inserted a set screw.  Basically a shaft collar for 25 cents.
After I got done with the fitting issues, I could finally get everything lined up good, and give it a spin.
I added a gear on the front to help spin it.  With the magnets installed its takes some torque to spin it.
Now I need to play with it for a while, and start looking at its idiosyncrasies.

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