Friday, May 11, 2012


These are flowers in my yard right now.
Pink Hydrangea
I think this is a Heritage Rose.
White Rose of Sharron, or Hearty Hibiscus.
Trumpets of a Trumpet Vine.
Another White Rose of Sharron.
Ruellia, or Mexican Petunia.
 Purple Wandering Jew with pink flowers.


  1. Flowers are like beautiful music that is frozen. Their nice smell is wonderful to breathe, I wish I had honey suckle growing and blooming in my living room. Flowers bring beauty and cheerfulness to the world. Nice.

  2. Delightful group of flowers Mike. Your yard must look absolutely beautiful! I love hydrangas and also Rose of Sharon also known as Altheas.

    Aunt Lois

  3. Wow, so many varieties and so beautiful. Rose of Sharon is gorgeous! Cherri