Friday, December 30, 2011

Organic Gold

Organic farming changes the way you look at things.  What I once considered litter, or trash, is now Organic Gold.  What I am talking about is the spent leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and spent annual plants.  I would go buy lawn bags so that I could throw this stuff away.
So, yesterday was my annual wintertime yard cleanup, after all the leaves have fallen off the trees for winter.  The net harvest of Organic Gold was several cubic yards over the past year.  I have four wire mesh cages about 3.5 feet in diameter, and 3 feet high full of compost, and another free pile.
The reason this is Organic Gold is the local biology.  All this organic matter has the microorganisms that have acclimated themselves to the local environment.  This yard produced all this organic matter, and it makes sense that it should be recycled by composting, and feeding the result back into this yard.  It gets used for mulch, and fertilizer.  I add the compost to the vegetable garden when I am tilling it in the spring, as fertilizer.  Then also the composting action produces countless microorganisms, and soil dwelling insects.  When you add these microorganisms to your soil it makes your soil happy.  Happy soil makes happy plants.

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