Monday, December 19, 2011

Napa Salad

What if we were to take some Asian vegetables, and make a green salad, would that be Asian food?  Its another fusion thing.  Lets take the basic concept of a vinaigrette, and make it with Asian ingredients.  Instead of white vinegar we'll use seasoned rice wine vinegar.  Instead of Olive Oil we'll use Toasted Sesame Oil.  Then add some salt and pepper and whisk it up, thus Asian Vinaigrette.
Then instead of leaf lettuce I'm gonna use Napa Cabbage.  Raw Napa cabbage has a mild flavor and lots of crunch.  We'll throw some Scallions in there, and some Cilantro.  really you could add anything you want in a tossed salad like this.  I usually only add a few ingredients.
Then we'll pour the vinaigrette over the salad and toss it about.  Maybe add some toasted Pine Nuts, or Pepitas to give it some nuttiness.  Something like this could be used for an Egg Roll filling, or Tacos.

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