Friday, December 6, 2013

Glazed Oak and Grillcakes

Ice Storms are so much fun.  Snow Day!  LOL!  Our power was out when we woke up this morning, so that was a little concerning.  First thing I did was to get Harley in the Truk, and trekked out to find come hot coffee.  He loves zooming (riding in the Truk) and today was especially fun slipping around on the ice.  What I noticed when we were out was all the glazed trees.
This is the Oak Tree in the back corner of the yard, its relatively young, so its really bent over right now.
Glazed birdhouse on the fence.
This is a glazed Rosemary plant, this one is pretty neat.
This is the neighbors Crepe Myrtle, also glazed.  Harley and I went for our normal walk around the block on the ice, and its not as slippery as you might think.  We had maybe three inches of freezing rain, and sleet.  The temperature outside was below freezing, so its like walking on small pebbles, krunchy pebbles.  After the walk we were hungry and I had to do some survival cooking to make breakfast, power was still off.
I built a fire in the fireplace to warm the house, and wound up doing some cooking on it.  The wood we are burning is Oak logs that I saved from when we trimmed the big Oak Tree back in the spring.  I had the Landscape Artist cut the big limbs into smoker sized pieces.  I have finally smelled the burning Live Oak, and I will definitely be using it to smoke meats.  I think I like it better than Hickory...  LOL!
To make the Grillcake batter I needed melted butter, and that is what I was doing at the fireplace.  Once the batter was ready I put a cast Iron Griddle on the Baby Q, then made a mess of Grillcakes.
Once I was at it I thought maybe I need some Sausage and Eggs too.By this time the power was back on, but I figured that I've already taken this route, might as well finish it this way.  It wasn't all fun this morning tho.
The ice had built up on one side of the umbrella, knocked over our newly refinished table, and broke the Christmas lights.  The umbrella was already pretty beat up, and I think this Ice Storm has finished it off.

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