Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hot and Sour Burger

I think this is my most exciting leftover Burger yet.  I had made Burgers for lunch yesterday, and had some leftovers to play with.  I was thinking about making a Mushroom sauce for them last night.  The Mushroom sauce morphed into Hot and Sour soup in process, and the Tex-Asian Fusion has happened again...
Back to the Burger, I added chopped Onions and Jalapenos to the Beef.  Then to help bind the Burger together I added some bread crumbs and an egg.  Then some seasonings like Black Pepper, and Tony Chachere's Season Salt.  There is some Worcestershire sauce in there too.  Lately I've been using the Baby Q to do quick Burgers.  Its a gas grill so I can get a really high temperature and sear the outside of the Burgers correctly.  I have the process optimized at about two and a half minutes per side.
 This results in a medium well done burger.  I'm still tuning this process.  OK, on to the Hot and Sour part.  I saute the sliced Mushrooms and Onions in some Olive Oil.  The Hot part is Red Chile.  Then I'll prepare a slurry of Corn Starch, Caldo de Pollo, and Vitalized Water, around a cup.  This is the soup part.  Then the Sour part is either Lemon juice, or Rice Wine Vinegar.
I guess I could call it Hot and Sour Mushroom sauce because it lacks all the things that Hot and Sour Soup would have like Bamboo Shoots, Slivered Pork, and Tofu.  I did add some Soy Sauce to enhance the Saltiness.
In hindsight I should of had something starchy with it like Egg Noodles, or Rice, and I substituted with some bread and chips.  I think I'll try it again tonight, got some more leftover burgers...

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