Monday, December 23, 2013

Taco Eggrolls

Tex-Asian fusion strikes again...  LOL!  It was just a matter of time before I did this, and I think they are both the same concept from different hemispheres.  Taco stuff in an Eggroll wrapper.  A Chimichanga is a deep fried Burrito with a flour wrapper, kinda like this.  The Eggroll wrappers have a little different texture.
Really this satisfies my need to deep fry stuff.  At least I'm not deep frying candy bars.  There are some things that do not do well in the deep fryer, iceberg Lettuce is one of them, and fresh Tomatoes, both have a little too much water content.  We want to contents of the Eggroll to be stable in the fryer, and not disintegrate.
So, the salad component of the Taco Eggrolls will be green Cabbage, and white Onion, both sliced thin.
I've set up an assembly station here to bang out a bunch of Eggrolls.  The Taco meat is ground Beef with a Taco mix that was made a couple days ago, and reheated.  I'm also using a mild Cheddar Cheeze.
Add some Taco Beef first, and use a moderate amount, so as not to overstuff the Eggroll.
Then add some of the Cheddar, again moderately so we can close the Eggroll.
Next is a little of the salad mixture, keeping everything in the middle of the Eggroll wrapper.
Roll the corner of the Eggroll wrapper over the filling, apply an eggwash on the edges of the Eggroll wrapper, and fold the side corners into the center.  Apply a little more eggwash to the remaining exposed parts of the Eggroll wrapper, and then roll it up.
The eggwash is a scrambled egg that I apply with a sauce brush.  Repeat the assembly process as required.
I made six, more than I need, because I feel like I'll have some fallout here.  Or potential leftovers.
Fill the Wok about a third of the way with vegetable oil, and bring it up to around 350 F.  I am not measuring the temperature precisely, and am looking for hot, but not smoking hot.  The actual temperature of the oil will vary a lot when you add the relatively cold Eggrolls, as they cook, and the recovery time between batches.
It will only take a couple minutes per side.  The meat in the Eggrolls is already cooked, and we only need to steam the salad mix slightly.  We are really only looking for the Golden, Brown, and Delicious on the outside.
Delicious they are.  I think these qualify for Munchie Food, uh, huhuuhuuhhuuh...  I had made some Chipotle Salsa that will work great with these, and the Yogurt Ranch dip will cool things off when you get too much heat.  I'm gonna have to try this again with a Green Chile Cheeze Eggroll, or a Chile Relleno Eggroll...

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