Monday, December 23, 2013

Hot and Sour Noodles with Shrimp

Looking to make something else with my homemade noodles I hatched a plan to fuse them with Hot and Sour Soup.  The Hot and Sour Soup in something I make when I am feeling under the weather.  Its been cold and rainy here lately, and this seems to fit right today, with a fire in the fireplace.
We'll start with the soup part here or in the case the sauce for the noodles.  So, the first thing in the pan is Essence of Pork, rendered Bacon fat.  I'm using about one and a half tablespoons.
The spoon in the picture is extra large, like a serving spoon.  Then add sliced Mushrooms and Onions.
This is starting like a lot of other sauces I make.  We'll let these cook a while.
Then add sliced Garlic, red Chile, and black Pepper, this is the Hot part.
Then sprinkle in a tablespoon of Four, and mix it in thoroughly.
Let the Flour cook down a while, and then add the liquid component, in this case Beef stock, it what I had.
The salt component is going to be Fish Sauce, and the sour component is Lemon juice.
When I squeeze the Lemon juice into the sauce I'll use a strainer to keep the seeds out of the sauce.
I'll let this mixture come up to a simmer while I go work on the noodles.
The homemade noodles only take a few minutes to cook.  I've thawed some cooked shrimp as well.
Right at the end of the cooking process I'll add the Shrimp.
Then add the noodles.
Then mix it together and serve.  Hmm, take that, cold rainy day...

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