Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shrimp Fried Rice

Leftover Rice...  Yup...  We make Nomnoms...
This wound up being creamy like a Risotto, and less like a Chinese Fried Rice, where the Rice grains are more separated, and harder.  I started with some chopped red Cabbage and white Onion in a ripping hot stir fry pan, with a couple tablespoons of Olive Oil..
Fried Rice needs to move really fast because its cooked with the Wok Method, high heat, and quick service.  So, everything needs to be prepped ahead of time, and ready to go when the food hits the pan.
Next to go in is two cups of leftover white Rice, and a few cloves of chopped garlic.  Stir the Rice in thoroughly, and keep it moving so he Garlic doesn't burn.  You want to get the Rice coated with the Olive Oil and thoroughly mixed in.  Keep it moving, go quickly...
Then make some space in the middle, and add an Egg.  Give the egg a little time to start to cook, and then continue moving the mixture around.
Next we add some seasoning.  I used Fish Sauce, Sesame Oil, and Rice Wine vinegar.  Again, keep it moving, you don't want to burn the Garlic.  Stir Fries are Kinetic.  Move it, go fast...
At the very last add some cold boiled Shrimp, and just heat it through.  Don't cook it again.
Right before you serve the Shrimp Fried Rice add some chopped Cilantro, and put it in the serving bowl post haste.  I usually serve this with some Sambal, and Soy Sauce on the table.

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