Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Homemade Noodles with Orgasmic Mushroom Sauce

Yeah its that good.  I've been working on this Mushroom sauce for a year.  Its simple but nomlishous...
The homemade noodles are also totally simple.  I was looking for a recipe for Wonton wrappers, and was also looking at Pasta recipes and realized that they are the same thing.  Flour, Egg, Water, and Salt, so totally simple.  It is a really hard dough, and it takes a lot of work to knead the noodle dough and roll it out.  I see why they want to use a machine to do it.  So, I made some dough, let it rest a while, and then rolled it out.
Then took a Stainless Steel straight edge and my Santoku and cut it into thin strips.Its kinda like irregular fettuccine.  The recipe said it needs to be rolled extremely thin.  Is 50 mils thin enough?
 If I took the dough and pressed it through an extruder I could get a regular shape like spaghetti, or Rotini.  But the hand cut noodles have more personality.  Granted it takes more time this way, but worth it I think.
 I'll add a little flour to the pile of noodles and let them rest a while, and go start the Mushroom Sauce.
Start with Olive Oil, sliced Mushrooms, diced white Onion, red Chile flakes, and some Sea Salt.
After the Mushrooms cook down a while add three cloves of diced Garlic.
Then add a tablespoon of Flour to form a Roux, and some Black Pepper.
Let the Roux cook a while, and then add a cup of Chicken stock, and that is the Mushroom sauce.
In the meanwhile I have a pot of boiling water to cook the homemade noodles.  They only need to cook for a few minutes.  I noticed that the homemade noodles are a lot softer than the dehydrated Pasta.
The Mushroom sauce is coming up to a boil to thicken.  Noodles are cooking.
At the last moment I'm going to add some rare, Oak smoked Beef strips that are cut across the grain.
Then drain the Noodles, and add them to the sauce.  The Beef is extremely tender.  Totally Nomlishous...

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