Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Garlic Dill Sour Pickles

I've got a little harvest of pickling Cucumbers from my garden finally.  Time to make Pickles.  I've had some time to ponder pickles recently, and refined my process a little.  I'm still doing small batches to experiment with the salinity, and flavoring of the Pickles.  The Rosemary Garlic Pickles were pretty weird.  This time I secured some Dill, and also enough Cucumbers from Rosemeade Market to make a comparison bottle.
The Rosemeade Cucumbers are on the left, and my homegrown Cucumbers are on the right.
I cleaned the Pickle bottles, and added a bed of Dill at the bottom of the jars.
Then added come chopped Garlic.  Next the Cucumbers go in.
Fill the bottles until the brine covers the pickles, and use another smaller bottle filled with water to hold the Cucumbers beneath the brine.  The brine is 5% Salinity in Vitalized water.
These will sit on the counter in the kitchen until they start to fizz.  That is what happens when the Lactobacillus culture starts to thrive.  When the Lactobacilli are happy they give off carbon dioxide, and the pickle juice will fizz when agitated.  After getting to this point you can put the jars in the fridge for storage, or let them hang out on the counter longer to make the Pickles more sour.  Letting the Pickles ferment for a longer time will increase the Lactic Acid content, making the Pickles more Sour, Mo Betta...

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