Friday, September 13, 2013

Garden Fence 3

I've had the time to work on the fence again.  Both the gates were a bit wonky, and needed to be adjusted.  The North gate hinge post was canted tward the ground, and made the gate, uh funny.  So I adjusted the hinge post about three degrees, and corrected it.  The South gate was just a bit too wide.  So I took it apart and adjusted its width by half an inch to make it fit right,
Then I got busy with the Redwood stain.  I tried a little of this stain here and there, and it started to look good, so I kept going.  We only bought a gallon, but it was more than enough to cover the outside of the fence, part of the greenhouse, and the patio furniture.  It will take another gallon to finish the greenhouse and the other side of the fence.
The garden is looking a lot better, but not where I want it yet.  I'm still pushing around ideas, and getting ready to transition to the winter garden.  The Thai Basil pops up wherever it likes, so I pull them out regularly, like weeds.  The Chiles are not nearly up to standard.  Both them and the Tomatoes like a nice, cool, early planting.  What I planted this year wasn't in the ground until June. or July, so they never got a firm foundation.
The large plants in the background are the Cayenne Chiles, the one thing that got planted early enough to root well before it got hot.  On the left side along the fence are Cucumbers, and I did get enough to make a jar of Pickles.  I've recently planted Turnips, Radishes, Lettuce, and beans, which are all pretty small right now, and suffering in the heat.  Over the next few weeks temperatures should be coming down, and we should get some more precipitation, so things are looking up for the garden.

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