Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Porx Noodles

In hindsight this is the best Noodle Bowl I haz evar made...

I've got the Porx from the other night, Nomlishous on its own.  I made a couple cups of Wide Egg Noodles.  Then there are my regular staples like Scallions, and chopped Cilantro.  I'm using Brussels Sprouts for the veggie element.  Then there is sauce, Garlic Powder, Sea Salt, Sambal (Chile Paste), Butter, Olive Oil, and Porx Fat.  The elements of the sauce perfected this in a way that I did not expect.
I brought all of the ingredients together hot, so I didn't feel the need to assemble this in a stir fry pan, on the heat.  I probably prefer the food to be at room temperature, rather than ripping hot, so I wasn't concerned about cooking the final assembly.  Everything that needs to be cooked is, and the few raw parts are cooked by the mixture quickly before you eat it.
The fusion of the Porx, Garlic, and Sambal (Chile Paste) set this Noodle Bowl apart from all the others that I have made.  The Sambal is spicy yet not over powering, while the Garlic is a mellow background flavor.  Its not over salted, and the Scallions give it an intermittent sharpness that distracts you from the sweet and spicy Porkyness momentarily.  Probably the one thing that knocks this one over the top is the Porx.  Getting my smoking process under control is probably the crux of the Nomlishousness of this Noodle Bowl.  Iz been mesmerized by Porx...

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