Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chicken Noodles

Chicken and Noodles come together in many forms.  I was looking for something to do with leftover Chicken, and Noodles came to mind.  I cooked some wide egg Noodles, chopped the Chicken, and throw in some Scallions and Cilantro.
I had read a recipe for Parsleyed Noodles in a French Cookbook, and this kind of started there.  But instead of Parley, I went with Cilantro and Scallions.  I added a little melted Butter, and Olive Oil, and dump all the parts into a bowl to mix.
Then I'll add some Garlic powder, Black Pepper, and Sea Salt for seasoning.  It turned out really good for something that was so simple to make.  Need to try some Asian Variations.

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