Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chili Chilaquiles

You know Migas?  A Tex-Mex sort of breakfast thing.  Well, those are Chilaquiles.  Huh Wut?  Alright, uh think of them as Nachos in sauce, sort of.  The center of the Chilaquiles is the Tortilla Chip.  Lucky for me I was out of Tortilla Chips when I went to make Chilaquiles, so I had to make my own.  I took some Corn Tortillas and cut them into strips.  Then I fried the strips in hot oil until they are crispy.
You gotta salt those right as they come out of the oil.  Something else that is essential for Chilaquiles is Jalapenos.  Any place you go to order Migas will have Jalapenos in them.  So that is where we start with the Chilaquiles.  We'll fry some Jalapeno slices in a small amount of oil over medium heat.
This cooks the Jalapenos, but also infuses the oil with the Chile essence, very important.  Next we'll add some of those fresh Tortilla strips.  The Tortilla will soak up the next ingredients.
Next I'll beat a couple Eggs, and pour them into the pan.
  Mix them in there well to coat the Tortilla strips and Jalapenos with Egg, and let them cook until just about done.  At this point this is Migas, or traditional Chilaquiles, and serve with some warm Tortillas, and Salsa.
This is where the Chili part goes in, making them Chili Chilaquiles.  Add in about a half a
cup of Texas Chili, I used Carroll Shelby's mix here, but any good Texas Red will do.
Now we're gonna mix the Chili in.
I'll add some more of the fresh Tortilla strips with the Chili Chilaquiles.
Add a little shredded cheddar on top, and eat it with chopstix...
Now that is a hearty breakfast...

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