Sunday, April 8, 2012

Seafood Salad

I'm going to start this with my regular salad base, Iceberg Lettuce, Cilantro, and Scallions.  Its spring now, so those small pickling Cucumbers are in season, so I'll add some of those.  Also have some mushrooms, so we'll toss some of those in there too.
 Then I'll dress it with Olive Oil and Lemon, keep it light and simple.  I am going to add some Oregano also.  On to the seafood part, I pan fried a filet of Salmon, seasoned with Sea Salt.
I am trying to do this quickly, so simple is best, because I am tired and ready for bed.  Just a small amount of vegetable oil in a hot pan will cook a filet like this in about 5 minutes.  Season the filet after it is cooked.
We'll take the dressed salad and lay it out on a plate.  The side is cocktail sauce, which is Ketchup, Inglehoffer Horseradish (extra hot), and Worcestershire Sauce.
The Shrimp are precooked then frozen, and thawed just now.  Its literally the easiest way to add Shrimp to a meal, just thaw, then eat.  They are probably one of my favorite forms of seafood also.
Then we'll add the Salmon filet, which has had time to cool to room temperature.  That looks pretty good for an impromptu, I'm really tired, but got to eat, meal.  A lot of my cooking is done this way, find what is in the pantry, then figure a way to put it together that works.  This one came together better than most...

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