Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Here is my latest alternator, the DiaMag8.  This one has a compound rotor, which has eight 45 degree Neodymium arc segments on it, rather than a single monolithic magnet.  The winding style is different on this one also.  On DiaMag7 the winding slots are open on the outside, which means the windings cross the rotor space, locking the rotor inside the alternator.  To remove the rotor the coils would have to be unwound.  On DiaMag8 the winding slots are open on the inside, and I used some dowels for wire management to keep the windings out of the rotor space.  This also necessitated the use of bearing mounting plates, external to the wire form, to hold the rotor...
I have only spent a little time, so far, testing this one.  The output voltages were a little better than DiaMag7, which was expected because the DiaMag8 is a little larger in diameter than DiaMag7.  Where the real difference should be is the current.  Due to the change in rotor physics I am expecting a lot more current from this one.  I need to build a new load which is a set of incandescent light bulbs.  Then I can continue the current testing.  Also while spinning DiaMag8 at a high rate of speed, 30,000 RPM, it vibrates considerably.  This means the rotor is slightly out of balance, and that also needs to be corrected.  So, looking good so far...


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