Sunday, October 5, 2014

Daikon Kimchi

Another interesting item I picked up at Carrollton Plaza are these Daikon Radishes.  I'm planning to grow Daikon Radishes this year.  Daikon is a popular ingredient in Kimchi.  This is a root vegetable Kimchi.
Daikon Radish is a relatively mild Radish, and can use the help of sharp ingredients   This one has Garlic, Onion, Cayenne Chile, Fish Sauce, and Carrots.  I got some organic carrots at Rosemeade Market which are Kaleidoscope Carrots,  many colors.
 Daikon is a very large root vegetable, and I'll dice it up into bite sized pieces.
Same with the Carrots.  The Garlic gets smashed, and the Cayenne Chiles are broke into pieces.
Then mix all the components together, and put them in the fermenting jar.  This goes together like the Sour Giardinira that I made last March, except this has Fish Sauce in it.  I'll add about a cup of the Fish Sauce, and then top it off with five percent salinity brine.  Like with the other fermented vegetable mixes I make, this one will sit on the counter, at room temperature until the ferment sizzles, then will go to cure in the refrigerator.

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