Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Tomatoes 2

There was one night about a week ago where the temperature dropped below freezing, and I lost a few of the Baby Tomatoes.  Then last Sunday we got Thundersleet, which is a thunderstorm coupled with freezing conditions, and you get frozen rain, not good for Baby Tomatoes.  So, I moved all my annual sprouts to the kitchen table.  The Thundersleet is pretty to look at, but it makes gardening tricky.
There are also hundreds of sprouts in the garden that I can't move.  Those will hopefully be alright, most are cold tolerant species that can take a mild freeze.  The temperature went down to around 15 F, so I may be replanting some of them.  Also, while I was working on the Annual sprouts I decided to plant some Habaneros as well.  I found some good looking specimens while grocery shopping this week.
This morning I was watering all the annuals, and noticed that I have a couple Jalapeno sprouts.  All of my annual seeds are harvested from fruit I bought at Rosemeade Market, or other food stores, and not seed distributors.  So far that is Tomatoes, Jalapenos, and Habaneros.  Altogether there are about 11 Tomatoes sprouts, and two Jalapeno sprouts so far.
Then I needed to get some light to them.  I thought about using the window boxes on the south side of the house, but they are relatively cold.  To get chile seeds to sprout they need to be warm, especially Habaneros.
So I setup a florescent lamp on the kitchen table.  The kitchen is probably the warmest room in the house.  Hopefully within a week we'll have more spring like temperatures, and I can move my annual sprouts back to the greenhouse where they get real sun.

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