Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kimchi Cheezeburger

I didn't know this already existed, and was thinking that it was something new.  In hindsight, searching teh interwebs, I found that the Kimchi Burger is quite popular already.  So here is my version of the Kimchi Burger with my homemade Kimchi.
I'm going to start with a pound of 80/20 ground chuck, season it with Sea Salt and Pepper, then mix, and divide it into half pound rectangular patties.  The rolls I bought are sandwich rolls and not hamburger buns.
Then once the patties are formed I'll season them again with Tony Chachere's season salt, and pepper.  I recently got an adapter hose for the Baby Q so that I can hook up a 20 pound LPG tank, and I have seemingly unlimited cooking time now.  Before I was using one pound bottles, and I found they run out at the worst time possible, like right in the middle of cooking.
Now I don't have to worry about the gas running out in the middle of searing the Beefz.  The Baby Q lights fast, heats up fast, cooks fast, and when I am done I can just turn it off, and don't have to wait for the fire to die.  Plus it can hit really high temperatures to make those beautiful sear marks on the Beefz.
Prior to putting the Beefz on the grill I had put some french fries in the oven, and am using a griddle to toast the rolls.  I had cut the roll in half, lengthwise, buttered them, and place them cut side down on the griddle.
A couple minutes before the Burgers are done I add a couple slices of Cheddar Cheeze.
Now for the assembly process.
I picked spicy brown Mustard, and Yogurt Ranch for the spread on the roll.
The burger goes on the Mustard side, and the Kimchi will go on the Yogurt Ranch side.
The new batch of Kimchi is milder, and more flavorful than the previous two.  Altogether this is really good.

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