Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CaJohn's Execution Station

We went to Zestfest 2014 Sunday to experience the hottest Chiles in the World. There were a number of really hot Chile sauce vendors there this year. The vendors that were the most memorable are also the ones that had the hottest sauce. Grinders had their four sauces Whimpy, Molten, Near Death, and Death Nectar. The last one, Death Nectar was over the top for me at 377,000 Scovilles. I had to go sit down and recover. The one that really put the burn on me was CaJohn's Execution Station.   It started at 375,000 Scovilles and went to 6.1 Million Scovilles.
CaJohn's Execution Station was designed to understand the Chiles they use in their sauce.  Each stage of the Execution Station had a Chile Puree starting with Red Savina Habanero (375,000 Scovilles), Fatali (425,000 Scovilles), Chocolate Habanero (600,00 Scovilles), Yellow Morunga (800,000 Scovilles), Trinidad Morunga Scorpion (1.2 Million Scovilles), Carolina Reaper (1.6 Million Scovilles), and ended with their Black Mamba Sauce (6.1 Million Scovilles).  Between each stage we had to wait to let each Chile kick in.  Also there is no food allowed to dilute the sauces.  The whole challenge lasted 10 minutes, excruciating.
This was by far the hottest challenge there was this year at Zestfest.  After it was over I made a B Line to the concessions booth and got a large Dr. Pepper, and ate a whole bunch of plain Tortilla Chips.  It took a while to recover from CaJohn's Execution Station.

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