Saturday, January 11, 2014

Haystack Enchiladas

Here is another way to prepare Enchiladas.  This is Mex-Italian Fusion, sort of.  Rather than rolling the Enchiladas we are going to stack them up like Lasagne.  I'm using my Chile con Carne, a mild Cheddar Cheeze, Mayan Sweet Onions (diced), and White Maise Tortillas.
Its a stacker process.  Tortilla, Chile con Carne, Onion, Cheeze, and repeat.  The pan I am using there is a Fajita Comal, oiled with some Olive Oil.  This recipe is scalable, so you can make one portion, like here, or get a 13x9 Casserole, and make an entire Mexican Lasagne.  Also, the toppings are free form, so add whatever you like, Jalapenos come to mind, or Olives, Whatevarz...  Then to the meltification machine...
That'll bake for around 10 minutes at 425 degrees F, and I'll make the Ensalada in the meantime...
The Ensalada is thinly sliced green Cabbage with Cilantro.  Then I'll use Olive Oil and Lemon juice to dress it.  The chopped Tomatoes are the garnish at the end of the assembly process.
The Haystack Enchiladas are done meltifying, and I'll add a side of Salsa, and the Yogurt Ranch dressing.
Then add the Ensalada, and the garnish, and BAM!  Mui Delicioso Nom Noms...

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