Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cameron Mushroom Gravy

Cameron Enteros are whole Shrimp that are dehydrated.  If you eat them dry they are extremely salty with a concentrated Shrimp flavor, not bad, but Harley didn't like them at first.  I had been looking for a way to use them, and I was inspired to make gravy, Mushroom gravy.  First I wanted to infuse the Cameron taste into a liquid, but didn't want to change the flavor, so I used water.  Soak the Camerones in a cup of hot water for 30 minutes.  I added some extra energy to this process with the microwave.  After the Camerones had been soaked they were a lot more like regular Shrimp, in a brine (sea water).

So I decided to make something plain so that I could experience the Cameron as the feature flavor.  Pan fried Chopped Steak patties with white Rice, and Cameron Mushroom gravy should do it.  Things that are plain for me usually have big flavor, so I had to tone down my seasoning deliberately to let the Cameron stand out.  The white Rice has Caldo de Pollo as the flavor base, and the chopped Steak is seasoned with Sea Salt an Black Pepper.

After the Chopped Steak is cooked I use the pan drippings to build the Cameron Mushroom gravy.  Start with Garlic, Onion, and sliced Mushrooms.  Fry them in the pan drippings, and then add some flour to make a Roux.  Mix the flour in there well to mitigate the lumpz.  Take it easy on the Salt here because the Camerones and their broth is very salty, do add some black Pepper tho.  Let the Roux cook for a while to eliminate that raw flour taste, and then add the Camerones, and their broth.  Whisk the mixture together while it is thickening, and then add some Ale to thin the gravy as needed.

Use a Cup form to make a lump of white Rice on the plate.  Add a couple Chopped Steaks to the plate.  Then pour the Cameron Mushroom gravy over the chopped Steaks.  This was just awesome good.  I was smitten with umami, mui delicioso...

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